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The Association is locked in a battle with the City Administration, and those who support their efforts, to balance the city budget on the backs of our members and other retired city employees.  We have been correcting the inaccurate and misleading information that is being propagated by many in the City Administration as it pertains to how our retiree benefits are calculated, how they are paid for, if they are vested or not, and jurisdictional issues as to who is in charge of the retirement fund that pays our benefits.

We are organized and prepared to protect our quality of life and to make sure we remind those intent on cutting our benefits that a promise made should be a promise kept.  The Retiree Benefit Action Center is designed to make available to our members and the public our advocacy letters to the City Council, news journal articles, studies, and newsletters from other Retiree Associations that break through the clutter coming out of the City Administration and provide accurate, clear, and supportable information on Retiree Benefits.

Investment Committee Mtg of Dec. 16, 2014

We are up against a well orchestrated effort to portray us in the minds of the public and the media as greedy, unappreciative, and insensitive to the current issues that confront San Jose.  What seems lost in this blame game is that our members were on the front lines of keeping San Jose safe and day in and day out our members risked their lives to protect and serve the public. For this service and this risk we were promised the benefits that we have now.  It is our hope that by providing this information that we are able to educate those intent on going back on what was promised us.

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