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The SJFD Muster Team is facilitating a once-in-a-lifetime gathering of VIP's in San Jose on June 4 & 5, 2002. The VIP's were responsible for returning the SJFD's Franklin Engine No. 3, an 1890 Amoskeag Pumper, from Portland, OR to San Jose, CA at the end of 2001. This pumper was placed into service on June 1, 1890 and survived the collapse of its fire station during the 1906 earthquake. SJ firefighters dug the damaged pumper out from beneath the rubble and used it to extinguish fires resulting from the quake! The following VIP's will be honored for making it possible to bring the Franklin Engine No. 3 "home":

Bruce B. Kegg - A master craftsman, who over a 3 year period and 4000 hours of meticulous fabrication and assembly, restored the Franklin Engine from a disassembled, pile of rusting parts to its present museum quality condition.

Lawrence A. Campbell - SJFD Battalion Chief, Ret. (1931-1963), a substantial financial donor who was responsible for the down payment for the acquisition of Franklin Engine No. 3. (Note: he is also a chief emeritus of SJFD history).

John & Christine Davis family - major financial donors who paid off in full the remaining balance owed on the purchase of this rare fire steam engine.

Additional and updated information concerning recognition ceremonies, visiting times and places, location of the Franklin Engine, etc. may be obtained from the Muster Team President, BC Josh Weggeland, B13C, (408) 277-4613, or the Association of Retired San Jose Police Officers & Firefighters web site www.retiredsjpoff.org (click on "News & Updates").

1955, August - Engine 3 Cleaning Trucks (Eng. 3, 98 Martha Street)
Left to Right: Mike Devitt, George Bradford, Edward Silva, B/C L.A. Campbell, Capt. George Batti, Edward Cottle, Hilbert Bolton, Ethan Coburn.

1940 Eng 7 Driving Out (Stutz Pumper (old eng. 2))
Left to right:William Wysock, L.A. Campbell, Engineer, Lieut. Gilbert Stewart


1955, August - Engine 3 Raising the flag:
(Eng. 3, 98 Martha Street)
Left to right: Ethan Coburn, Edward Cottle, Edward Silva, Hilbert Bolton, George Bradford, Francis Devitt, Capt. George Batti, B/C. Lawrence Campbell.

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